Original Tag: The “Me in Book Characters” Tag

Hey, rad readers!

We don’t know about you guys, but tags are some of our favorite posts! We love the fun and unique questions included in tags, and we feel that they really help you learn more about the blogger and their interests! So today, we have decided to create our own tag! We wanted to make one that would let you guys know more about us, and we thought the best way to do that was to describe ourselves using book characters! Thus, we have created the “Me in Book Characters Tag”!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the creators of the tag (Us! Ash & Lo @ Windowsill Books)
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

Our Characters:

Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments

Related image

The awkward best friend who seems to be constantly making nerdy pop-culture references? Yup, that sounds like us! Simon is literally the most loyal friend and he seems to value friendship just as highly as we do, so we can easily identify with him. Plus, as much as we’d love to believe that we would be the kick-butt heroine who willingly takes on the world  in a fantasy novel, we would probably be a lot more like Simon who is just accidentally thrown into crazy situations. But hey, the boy does rise to the occasion and saves the day more than once, and we believe we would do the same! Also, Simon’s humor is our humor! So all in all, we are Simon Lewis haha!

Cath Avery from Fangirl

Related image

A quiet, book-loving girl who doesn’t understand the social aspects of college? Again, this couldn’t be more us. Fangirl is basically our biography. Nearly every thought Cath has in Fangirl we have had at some point in our life. Also, like us, Cath is a writer. Though she writes fan fiction and we write regular fiction, we could really identify with her love of writing and her desire to be in a world other than our own!

Jane Grey from My Lady Jane

Related image

Jane represents us on so many levels! From her obsession with books to her sharp wit to her desire to save the world, we can truly relate to Jane! She is independent and fiery, which are words we’d like to think apply to us!

Arsinoe from Three Dark Crowns

Image result for arsinoe three dark crowns

While we books may be our first love, the outdoors is a close second. We love nature and animals and just generally being outside. So we definitely identify with the Naturalist Queen, Arsinoe! And her tomboy attitude is totally us as well! We don’t care about frivolous things or our appearance. We just care about being with our friends and having fun!

Cammie Morgan from I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Image result for cammie morgan fanart

Yes, we may look plain, small, and unassuming, but there is so much more to us than meets the eye! The same could be said of Cammie with her ordinary appearance, but she is really a talented spy. While we may not be trained spies (that you know of), we have so much more to us than one would think. Too often, people underestimate us because we are small and look sweet. However, we are strong, intelligent, and ready with a witty remark when necessary!

We Tag:

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coffeloving bookoholic

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We tagged quite a few of you guys just to get the ball rolling, but feel free to to tag as many or as few friends in your own posts! And if you weren’t tagged but still want to do this post, you have been tagged! We don’t want to exclude anyone from the fun!

We also hope that this post helped you learn more about us! And let us know if you related to any of the characters we chose as well!

Image result for did we just become best friends gif

We can’t wait to see your guys’ post! We hope a lot of you participate, because we would love to learn more about you guys and see which characters you feel you are most like!

We hope your day is filled with a few of your favorite things (yes, we did just watch the Sound of Music)!


Ash & Lo


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