About Us


Hi book friends!

So, you’re curious about who is running this blog? Well, allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Ash and Lo, two twenty-something-year-old aspiring shadow hunters, who see the world in water-color wonder and still believe in magic (seriously, why haven’t our Hogwarts letters come in yet?). Although our paths crossed many times before, it was not until Lo spotted Ash reading a book from The Mortal Instruments series by our favorite author, Cassandra Clare (if you haven’t read them, we highly recommend!) that we became best friends.

While reading is one of our all-time favorite hobbies, we do try to get out of our fictional worlds from time to time. In our free time, you will find us hiking, playing soccer, rocking out to music, drinking tea, or kicking it at church (gotta praise the Lord, am I right?). We have such amazing plans for the future (hint: bloggers/authors/book store owners), and we are excited to take you all on this incredible journey with us!

If you want to learn more about us, feel free to check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Goodreads accounts!


We hope your day is filled with adventure, wonder, and just a little bit of pixie dust!


Ash & Lo



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